• Our Mission

    Help sick children stuck in the hospital experience the life they are missing, by bringing the outside world to them, through the power of Virtual Reality and 360° video.

  • Why Are We Doing this?

    Imagine that your entire world is a hospital room. A hospital room that's the same, every single day. Same Movies. Same online videos. Same faces. Same disease.


    Now Imagine you are a very sick child in this room and this is your 18th month.


    How many memories have been stolen from you while you fight for your life.


    Playing with your friends. Seeing your favorite singer in concert. A Baseball game with your dad. This is the tragic reality for millions of sick and injured children.


    TinyPlanet is here to help. Virtual Reality is the most immersive technology humans have ever built. TinyPlanet is leveraging it to bring the outside world to these children.


    To give them back the memories stolen from them…

  • TinyPlanet Concert Series

    This fall we are launching our next major project, a VR concert series with some of today's hottest stars.


    Please donate to help us put this together!

  • We Need Your Support

    Our goal is to bring these once in a lifetime experiences to every child in every hospital in the US by the end of 2018. We rely on generous donors like you to make that happen. 100% of your donation goes to making this happen.


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