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    Virtual reality is the most immersive experience humans have ever developed. Research has proven it has the ability to truly to take the user to another state of mind. One in which they “feel” they are somewhere else. This has an opportunity to dramatically change the lives of children suffering in the hospital. Medical research has shown that it can help with pain management, physical therapy and especially improving the patients state of mind. All of which are critical for healing purposes. Spending months and years in a hospital is hard for anyone of course. But for kids its especially devastating. Their lives are being stolen from them while they fight for it. They are missing out on the thousands of memories every child should have the opportunity to experience. Going on a class trip to learn about the Liberty Bell. Seeing their favorite artist in concert. Going to a ball game with their parents. These are just a few examples that most kids thankfully can take for granted in our country.


    These are experiences we can definitely give back to these suffering children through the immersive power of virtual reality. The issue is at this point in time [August 2017], VR is still 2 or more years away from being mainstream for day to day consumers. And even longer before hospitals are willing to cover the costs of these advanced technologies. The VR headsets are expensive and hard to use. Most of the VR content today is for gaming or user generated experiences.

    TinyPlanet is bridging the gaps in the VR ecosystem to bring it to hospitals today. So the children can get the benefits of this amazing technology now.


    Our focus is on three areas. First, we are developing partnerships with celebrities, athletes and educational institutions to create content that is entertaining and safe for children in hospitals. Second, we are developing a “walled garden” content platform that ensures they are not exposed to unsafe or mature content that is currently available on most VR platforms. Third, we are partnering with hardware manufacturers to make the VR devices hospital grade and easier to use.


    All of this is supported by donations and corporate sponsors.


  • Board Of Directors

    Evan Krauss

    Founder, Executive Director

    22 Year Digital Media and Mobile Veteran with companies such as AOL, Yahoo, and Shazam

    Kristen Buckley-White

    Chief Content Officer

    Executive Producer. Content Strategist. Brand Builder.

    13 years at Nickelodeon

    Dr. Lee Polikoff

    Medical Expert

    Attending Physician, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Hasbro Children's Hospital. Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Clinical), The Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University

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